He walked the streets at night, not wanting to be a part of the family to which he belonged, not wanting to belong…..

The damp night air cool on his face refreshed more than his brow, it penetrated deep within him, a familiar friend, his only friend….

Alone with his own thoughts, deep and dark, he avoided the neon flares, preferring the depth of building outlines with their juxtaposed shadow, he moved with purpose…

He was unaware that he was out for more that his usual ‘evening constitutional’, as his Mother had referred to his evening walks, should he have known, could he have known…

A noise, his stomach muscles tightened forcing his internal organs up into his chest cavity, leaving him a shortness of breath. With a sense of nervous excitement, he then realised the sound of high heeled footsteps from somewhere ahead……..

He deliberately quickened his pace to view the source of the footsteps; careful to eliminate as much noise as possible he closed the gap between him and his….

His what, his target, his pray, what was he doing, his stomach reminded him that he was excited and stirrings were beginning in other places, the endorphins were clouding his mind once again, he continued……….

The distance was closing, was he standing still, was he levitating, did he care….

No he was quite prepared to experience this, this, whatever this was, he was on this ride until it stopped, would it stop, maybe not, but the footsteps did, abruptly….

A perceived ice dagger pierced his heart, he froze to the spot, not breathing, heart racing, had he been heard would his quarry turn round and see him…

The footsteps continued but at what seemed a lesser pace…

What did this mean, why had they slowed, had his presence been detected.

He held back a little, he had seen the source of the footsteps, a tall woman, jet black hair draped over the back of a ¾ length black PVC overcoat, black stockings covered her legs (he didn’t even consider that they might be tights) and black suede ankle boots with stiletto heels covered her feet. He couldn’t of imagined a more perfect sight, he had a bond with this woman, he knew it deep within…

He continued slowly after her, what was she doing out here alone at this time of night, why had she stopped and not looked round, why had she slowed, what was beneath that PVC, how erotic were the notes ringing through his head made by steel heel on stone…

She turned the corner up ahead and went out of view; the footsteps had stopped….

What should he do, his mind was racing, blood pumped through every muscle in his body making then tense and hard.

She is waiting for me, he thought, she heard me, she wants me and she is waiting for me.

He adjusted himself giving his erection more room within the front of his pants; he took a deep breath and turned the corner.

The woman’s back was to him, she seemed to be larger that he had thought previously and her hair was a little tatty….what the hell, he was on for a good time whatever…

The woman turned and spoke softly to him, hello son, what can I do for you..

He ejaculated and emptied his bowel before fainting;

His Father picked him up, rapped him in the PVC overcoat and took him home.

By sirradon

Ex punk/rocker/NR into horror & scifi. Outwardly respectable & settled, inwardly not! Will the inner voice influence my outer persona? Very porobably!


  1. Interesting and very unexpected twist.
    I was expecting a vampire story.
    Very interesting

  2. ha, that made me laugh!! all i can say is… twisted. but i liked it. lol


  3. I was expecting a vampire story too. Very clever. I also like the way you notice little details, like the internal organs in his chest cavity making it hard to breath. I’d never have noticed that myself. Well written. 🙂

  4. wow….i’m…wow….that was great! *giggles* quite funny, great twist…bravo, I like. The details and “…”‘s for suspense made it even better. Nice job!


  5. geez i wasnt expecting that… haha it was good, very suspenseful…. keep it up

  6. i wasn’t expecting a vampire story i was expecting rape but that end fucking hilaroius . was it supose to be funny or some twisted sick thing in that gus head but still it was funny

  7. I was really getting into it… now I feel all disappointed *frown*… Bastard *shakes fist*


    (PS: I’d like more stories about your unfortunate main character. You could make a whole series. It would be like a series of self help books… you could call it “Some people have it worse than even you” or “Hey, at least you’re not this guy”. *shrug*)

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