Nightly Taste

Looking into his eyes I see fear as well as pain.
In the distance was a bed of freshly picked blood red roses.
I can see those eyes looking into mine as if becoming them.
His eyes brown and mine as well but have become darker.
I slowly walked over to him.
The translucent silf of my gown flowing over my dark silky skin.
My midnight hair gently covering my bare shoulders.
Are eyes never left each other.
I approached him running my finger tips across his soft lips.
Running his fingers through my soft hair.
He was about to speak but I placed my finger across his lips.

My gentle words are only what he hears.
“Speak with your heart.”
Rolling off my pure lips.
I ran my hand through his hair looking deeper in his eyes.
Bringing him closer and closer to my pure and dark lips.
I could see his eyes looking at mine ,looking for my soul.
Gently I placed my finger tips upon his eyes shutting him from my sight.
Closer and closer my lips approached his.
Already I could taste his lips.
Wondering about his taste.
My eyes slowly closing losing sight of him.
I pressed my lips against his.
I could taste him just wanting more, with that sweet taste.
I started running my hands inside his shirt letting him know I was there.
I could taste his tounge inside my mouth.
I slowly layed him down on black silky sheets that have been covered with roses.
I took off his shirt, not leaving eye contact, rubbing my fingers up his strong chest.
I climbed upon him spreading my long smooth legs across his cock.
Slowly going down on him letting him feel me.
I saw him looking in my eyes.
I staired back at his as my finger tips ran across his lips.
As out eyes never left each others I went upon his side.
Running my hand on his body.
I could feel his hands upon my breast feeling it knowing he wanted a taste.
His gentle touch covering my body.
I could feel his body getting closer to mine.
I could feel him.
He was upon me feeling my body.
Slowly he was reaching his hand into my translucent gown.
Closer and closer as he got I stoped him by taking his hand and placing his finger in my mouth.
He came over to my neck kissing it up and down.
Feeling him taste me.
I could feel his lips going up and down my chest.
Kissing the tip of my breast through the gown.
Going further and further down.
The tip of his tounge tasting me.
I pulled him to my lips and licked his tasting him one last time.
Kissing his neck just having his taste become me.
Having him feel my lips ,my tounge,and me tasting him.
My pure white fangs appearing as I looked at my victum.
I peirced his neck drawing the blood it giving my pleasure ,
fulfilling my hunger.
His blood flowing into my body.
Looking into his eyes you could see his life being taken away.
His once heathly skin now pale.
I had started taking away who he was or would of become.
His blood filling me I stoped.
Taking my fangs from his body.
Seeing him look at my dark eyes.
Leaving only a little blood so that he may speak.
“What is your heart telling you now.”
Those words coming from my bloody lips.
Licking them getting more of the taste.
“Too late I have decided for you.”
Lifting out my wrist I slit it, drawing blood.
Letting the blood fall upon his pale lips.
“Taste” I said “Drink.”
He licked the blood off his lips and pulled my bloody wrist toward his lips.
I could feel him taking my blood , I could feel his hunger.
Becoming one of my own.
Slowly I pulled him away from me.
Placing my finger tips upon his lips once again.
Looking into his new born eyes, I grabed his hand having him follow me.
Bringing him to a dark hall way.
Going down it’s path….we approached a door.
Opening it a coffin layed before us .
I brought him over to it,laying him inside.
My lips placed over his eyes closing them.
In his ear i whispered….
“Sleep my dark child.When you wake upon the dark again you will see this world with your new vampire eyes.
Seeing the world I have brought you.”
I closed his coffin walking away preparing my self once again for my darkness.

By ecstasy

I have always felt safe in the dark.I am very fond of it.I see it for what it is can see it in my eyes...........