Nightmare Prophecy

Sickening souls cry out in pain

In this garden of depraved beings

Abandoned in a void of nothingness

Possessed by the search for utter darkness

Never shall the sun kiss their face

And caress them with it’s burning light

For we dwell in the shadows

And sleep side by side with death

We continue travelling towards our faith

Harvesting helpless Christian spirits

Raping the sanctity of saints

The heavenly father is streching his hand

Pathetically begging for mercy

We spit on his sacred flesh

As we breathe the breath of the unholy

For with the sign of the pentagram

Hellfire rage is for us to come

As we shall wander the pit

Possessed by moments of dark splendour

To walk the nightmare terrains forever

United with new unhallowed grace

This cursed beauty hunts me forever

– This kind of sucks because I’m used to writing death metal songs, but at least I tried…right? Nightmare Prophecy is the name of my band.


By Dybbuk

Drummer of Nightmare Prophecy. I am wiccan oriented, and gothic based. I practice black magic, I like suicide, murder, death, and watching all these things happen. I listen to death metal, black metal, swedish metal, thrash metal, and melodic metal ex: DIMMU BORGIR, Death, Dissection, Decapitated, Sepultura, Summers End, Striknine, Children of Bodom, Chimaira, etc.