Bad week! First we get news that the sequel to 2014’s GODZILLA had been pushed back all the way to 2019 (that’s such a long time to have to wait!), and then we were hit with news that director Gareth Edwards would not be returning. Say it ain’t so! Why are you abandoning us, Gareth? And why are you torturing us, Legendary? And wasn’t the entire reason GODZILLA 2 was delayed until 2018 because of Edwards’ taking on the next STAR WARS movie? If you’d just dropped out of the G2 project last year, or back in 2014, when it was announced that you were going to be doing STAR WARS, a sequel to GODZILLA could already be underway by this point. Why wait until now? Just to mess with us?

Actually this isn’t really such bad news. Edwards wants to take on some smaller projects, after helming back to back blockbusters, and I’d much rather see him bow out than take on a project he wasn’t passionate about. There are plenty of capable directors out there. And I’d rather have the studio push the movie’s release date back, taking the time to get it right, than have them do a rush job and the movie end up sucking. And, as we are forced to wait, there’s a new Japanese GODZILLA movie ready to roll out later this summer. If only they’d give us a US theatrical release!

source: deadline.com

By TheCheezman

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