No Arms? No Problem!

It’s sorta hard for humans to comprehend. How could a living thing *not* need arms? Especially a biped? Yet the reason the T-Rex had such tiny little arms was that it was in the process of evolving to a point where it wouldn’t have them. And look at snakes. No arms or legs. Why? Because it didn’t need them. Evolution gets rid of unnecessary accoutrements.

There has been a new species discovered that for all intents and purposes had no arms at all. Guemesia ochoai was discovered in Argentina and its size and shape extrapolated from a single skull. Wait, so how do they know it didn’t have arms, if they only found its skull? Scientists are assuming the new beast is like other abelisaurids, a group to which it belongs. Unlike other abelisaurids, like the better known Carnotaurus, this new animal had a relatively small brain. Like with its lack of arms, it must not have needed a bigger one. Bet it had the big teefers, though.

Says Science: “This new dinosaur is quite unusual for its kind [and] shows that the dinosaurs that live in this region were quite different from those in other parts of Argentina, supporting the idea of distinct provinces in the Cretaceous of South America.” In other words, there were several different kinds of abelisaurids. Considering how well they managed, should we change their name to differently-abled-saurids?

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