No Love

The glowing embers of my love have been stomped out.

I have sought for love, but here I lay alone, shivering.

Tears stain these porcelain cheeks, they mix with my blood to form a river of what is, what has been, and what is to be.

Make haste with death for the living masses.

My love is lost , my heart dead, my hopes washed away, my happiness destroyed, my soul drained of everything.

Unless I can find these things again , I will never love another , I will never love myself , I will never be happy.

Why am I forced to live a life of misery?

I am left with the blackness like a spreading disease eating me inside … till i have nothing but the depression and despair that breed inside of me.

By VampyreKitty

Just another tormented soul in this pathetic place. Only wanting to be set free. Music temporarily sets me free. Unloved, alone.