no more

i figure i can type here about my life since theres no one really in my life i can turn to. the main thing in my life is that i’ve screwed it up to the point past fixing. im only in my teens and i’ve already faced mor reality then one person will go through ina lyfetyme. if u dont belive me… have u had a gun help to your head, by your father? i have. has your mom ever thrown a knife and hit you in the back? myne has.

this is only my family probelms. i cant even start about the pain in my school and the shyt i go through just with my so-called friends. i just wish there was one person that wudnt lie to me this is what gets me to thinking there is no person in this world that is honest. there jus isnt and thas almost fact. what a sick liddle world we live in and what a grose liddle stage we dance on pretending to be happy…danceing and fucking.. hah this is all meaningless. theres no way you can stand in front me and say these were innocent people…and keep a straight face.

By *ƒorgotten jessie*

i'm jessie, ur not, so dont attempt to be or act lyke me. thank u. i hate: people who think they kno me, and attempt to understand the workings of my twisted mynd -nD- confouzing quotes and theorys of myne.