No More Fright

highschool is lame
i hate it
if i fail i run the name
cant take much more shit

its all a game
one im bad at
it involves fame
and i have none of that

the preps say its easy
i dont think it is at all
i thinks its just cheesy
but thats on my way down the hall

some shit we dont need
we need it to be super smart
but soon ill be a new seed
and ill feel like a retart

when i move
its all gonna be new
then ill have no way to prove
when a tart says “im smarter than you”

its all the fucking government
if i have to ill drop out
ill fucking live in a tent
in the woods where ill live as a scout

ill be all alone
but i guess itll be a good thing
i wont have a phone
i wouldnt have anything

nothing to get upset over
but if i pass
that would be like finding a four leaf clover
either way im still gonna kick my own ass

id be surprised to hell
if i made it
ill have something to tell
then i would just sit

cause i wouldnt have responsibilities
itll all be good
because all my life was just a tease
but everything would be the way it should

im afraid though
i dont wanna be one of those rich fucks
i would then be my own foe
then i guess i could say it sucks

i guess ill have more pride
cause ill know
i had tried
and at least ill have somewhere to go

but today
i refuse to be one of those losers
laying in / on the ground everyday
cause im one of the choosers

the ones who try to use their life
in a way thats right
no more strife
no more fright