No Stop to the Chaos!!!

No Stop to the Chaos

And hissing
Penetrate your flesh
But many are missing

Fresh new holes
Filling with blood from the inside
Try to run to keep safe for a moment
But one closes in fast from the side

Looking over
And hear a shriek
Watching your friend fall to the ground with his jaw clenched from the sudden trauma to his head
Never again will you hear him speak

Darkness falls
And all grows silent
All but the quiet rustling and crunching ground
The skies rumble as once again it becomes violent

Then comes a rush
From once been treated
Quickly from behind
Your life has been defeated

There is no stop to the chaos
Until the wounds bring upon death
There is no stop to the chaos
Until the world has taken its last breath.


By Atred

When we first meet, i can either be the nicest person that you have ever met, or if you fuck me over i WILL be the one person in this whole (infinite) universe that you wish you have never met!!! Other than that, i am a musician (hardcore metal/Gothic Industrial) i also write poems, hate mail, threatening letters to the world, and lyrics. i design text and some other shit, not much, but i like time consuming projects. the only parts of my body that has seen the sun in the past 9 years is my hands and face. i hate the sun!!!!!