no title

what i am typeing, has no name
what i type i type in vayne,
i type from a memory that has no face,
i type for myown pleasure this is my fate
what i type now is of no importance i have no intention of impressing you so therefore i am through,

through with you, through with forever
why does this take time to distroy my face to kill you and die and take my place
you will never understand you will never dream for this life is never as it seems

everyone in this world is indifferent and this is pure
when each life is reborne,
when each of us, creatures free, earn the fate of destany
every one dies and every one dreams

dont forget to read the seams..

By whisperz in the dark

well uhh.. im 17 and highly disturbed, thats what every one tells me any way .. well imm planning to post more stuff soon, look me up & give comments thanx. TASS