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My life Changes Every day. Only to Get worse. THe pain in me, Grows And Grows. Never Ending. Never mercey. Every day is a war. LIfe and Death All around me.
Mom Says she hates me. I know it’s true. Because she also hits me. she yells at me. Not once, has she ever said she loved me. She calls me a Mistake. I know it’s true, Because I make alot of them. Mom Calls me a weapon. I know it’s true.

Because i was Created to kill,
I was Bred For Destryction,
I’m only an Experiment….
Now is my Destiny…
now is my time To show you what i am.

I’m not a monster.
I’m not A slave.
I’m not A demon.
I’m not an Angel.
I’m not like you.

I know Ever one Hasd there own Personal Reason for Hateing me. but I don’t care.

I’m diffrent. I’m not like you. I’m mistreated by the whole world Because I’m diffrent. Because I’m not like you. I’m Glad I’m diffrent. You all laugh because i;m diffrent. I laugh Cuz Every single soul out there is the Same. but not like me. I’m not Normal.

I have to find where I belong. Because I Won’t and CAn;t Survive here. you act like I don’t Excist. you say it in my face. I’m Diffrent. you look in my Soul, It’s Twisted And Dark.
Don’t Believe What You’ve herd and Seen. Those are Just lies.

Your life is a lie. So is mine. I don’t want to live my life just to die. You don’t want to know me. You think you do But You TRuely don’t. I’m like heaven and hell in one.