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All Alone, inside my head
My thoughts are nowhere to be found
I’m in a daze, some sort of trance, my mind just wonders.

Why am I like this?
Why do I feel the way I feel? what do I feel?…
I cannot feel anything, my insides are numb.

I’m waiting, waiting for something to happen; yet I know nothing ever will,
Because I do not want anything to happen,
I don’t know what I want, I don’t know who I am, or what I need.

I need something, something so special, just like me…
I’m not special, I was never special, no one loved me.
I am just another human being.

Am I human? Am I not?
What am I? For I do not know what I am anymore…
I never knew…
Hopefully one day, I’ll find myself.

Will I ever find myself? I doubt it.
For I have been lost, for many years…
No one knows who I am, or what I am,
To them I’m just another human being.

So cold, and lonely,
Wanting, wishing to be warm, wishing to be free.
Will I ever be free? Will I always be a slave? a slave of someone I do not know.

Where is my prince? Will he ever find me? will he ever save me from these creatures?….
Creatures who rip away at my soul, tearing at my heart, feeding off my life.

Slowly my life turns to nothing,
It is the start of a new beginning, the beginning of nothing..
Nothing, is everything I am. Everything, is what I want.
what I want, is a new beginning.

Where is my prince?
My one and only love, is he searching for me? does he care about me, about the nothing?

Everyday I sit and wait, waiting for the pain to stop.
The pain does not hurt me, the pain is nothing, nothing, is me, that’s all I am…

Sitting in a quiet room, thinking and wondering, ‘why am I here? what did I do to deserve this?’
Maybe god is punishing me, for hurting myself, for hurting other people.

Blood, blood is all I see
All around me, like a river, like an ocean
And im the island, in the middle of that, large, yet Small Ocean.

Im drowning, drowning in my own blood,
As it slithers down my arms, it creates a new life
A life of nothingness, everything I want, and everything I need, is in that life, of nothingness…

Who am I? What am I? Am I just another human?
Maybe I don’t exist; maybe I’m a fantasy
A little girl’s fantasy, a nightmare.

I’m the one who’s in your dreams at night, waiting for you, for your blood, waiting for you to enter my world,
My world of nothingness, soon I shall rip away at your soul, tear at your heart, feed off your life.

Soon you shall be like me, nothing, that’s what you are.
No one loves you, no one knows you exist.
That, my dear, is because you don’t exist, you are nothing,
Another human being, just like me….


-Ok, well I just thought of lotz of weird sentences, and came up with this…

Feedback would be much appreciated!


By 1LiCkLePrInCeSs1