no title

why me?
i dont inderstand
you were never there for me
you meant so much to me

all i wanted was on look from you
all i know is that my heart is dead without you
i cannot go on
not without you
you can see my pain when you look at me
stare into my soul
see my longing for you
you dont know
once your here
itll be okay itll be fine
my heart cries out for you
i have broken down
no one understands
no one knows
all the tears i have given
all the pain locked in my heart
with one word i could die
with your name carved in my body
i will always remember
what you werent
what you will neverbe
never mine
i hate you
yet i cant seem to let you go

By howboutnow

i am a girl, i wanna be a mechanic and a tattoo artist for i can draw, love tattoos, love cars alot alot alot..and thats what ive decided to do.. but when the time comes