No Title pt 2.

Okay, some people have been commenting me about No Title pt 1 and saying how some people do care about being labeled and how it does hurt some people. I know it hurts! I go to school everyday to escape the mental and physical abuse my family puts on me, but do you think school helps anything? FUCK NO!

i go to school and i see people stare and point at me as i walk by and all the cheerleaders and stuck up girls say shit behind my back. It hurts, but personaly im not ashamed of who i am. And i would rather be who i am than who other people want me to be. Look everyone gets labeled because of the way they look and act, well anything you can think of people label you for it. But why should you let it bring you down? I mean i’ve got enough fucking problems as it is, why the hell should i let people who i dont even know ruin me so deeply????