Nocturnal Fantasies

Journey into the valley of the half-lit moon.
The barriers are broken with but a whisper.
Herein lies the secrets of the dark and lost souls.
Disturbed manifestations tunnel through the mind.

A black rose in bloom; a perfect beauty all in its own.
Sever the fabric of time; mistakes redone.
Live life in a nocturnal fantasy.
Reflect upon the mysteries of an unforgiving god.
Mercy is shrouded by a web of lies and deceit.
A melting candle is easily ignored.
Be cautious of its flame. Its passion feeds on life.
To be free of distractions in a mediocre life….
But where would we be without them.
The perfect portrait, of the perfect family in a perfect life.
Prepare for the Holocaust.
These dreams are segregated from this hell e call existence.
Peace is for the ignorant dreams of a naive nation.
There will never be peace, only pain and torture.
Blood drains from the axis into space and its many crevasses.
The flame has flickered and finally; it has died.