Noone seems to care
Everyone acts like it’s a game
Noone knows how she really is
Noone wants to take the time to get to know her
And noone seems to notice all the cuts and bruises all over her arms
They would all just go back to their happy lives
And try to escape the fact that their friends was “freak”

She couldn’t lose any of her friends, she couldn’t
So she new she couldn’t be herself
Because she knew her friends would appreciate her for who she was
So she would pretend, pretend to be happy
Walking around wearing a fake smile
And noone could hear her silent screams for help
Noone could see her lonely teardrops that wanted to roll down her face
But she knew she had to hold them in
Or then her friends would have another thing to tease her about

Her friends would make her do things for them
They would take advantage of that fact that she was lonely and had noone
They would always put her out
They would talk about her behind her back
They thought she didn’t hear but she did she heard it all
But she would never say anything she would just keep to herself
She couldn’t come to say that these people weren’t her friends
She was there maid, their entertainer, and their fuckin toy to be thrown around

That night she went home
And she was crying
Lonely tears of hate
As she ran the blade across her wrist
Across her legs and arms
She keeps cutting her self deeper and deeper
As she would cry to her self
She would scream in pain, very loud screams
But noone heard her and noone cared

That night the girl died
And she swore to herself that she would get back at those
Those who teased her
Mocked her….
Abused her….
She swore she would haunt them till the day they die….

By morbidchild

everything is fucked up adn its to much to talk about but u can read my journal adn my url that i have but it doesnt really tell all the shit you know