Not In Your World Anymore

Slit your wrists,
Feel the pain.
Taste the pleasure,
I’m yours to gain.

You stare at me with desire,
As if I had set your soul on fire.
How did you make your eyes lie?
As you walked away and left me to die.

You said you cared,
And I actually believed.
How could I have been such a fool,
As to be deceived.

I thought you were perfect,
You were so much prized.
Always a beauty,
In every man’s eyes.

You played me,
Broke my heart.
But now my precious,
I’ll play my part.

I never left my world,
But you stepped outside your bounds.
Now you’ve seen my world,
I can unleash the hounds.

They’ll hunt you down,
And kill you dead.
I tried to warn you bitch,
…After I cut off your head.