i’m stuck in a loop, i can only think, feel or express misery everything and everybody make it worse so i sit alone. i sit and do nothing lest is hurt all the more. my soul is bleeding, screaming, burning. my thoughts are writhing, screaming twisting. i’m sinking into black despair i’m burning to hurt somone i hate everyone and everything i want to see it all burned down to the ground. there is only one person who keeps me here, keeps me real, keeps the insanity away. but their not here so i’m sinking, drowning in my own despair, in the icy waves of a black sea. so cold it burns, a black fire in my heart killing me, stealing the last dregs of my hope. crimson fire burns through my veins crying to be released, to burn off this darkness. but i can’t move, i can’t do anything, the tool that will release that burning crimson river lies next to me, the scars that lie on my wrists prove it has worked before, yet i cannot move. that black fire has consumed me, i cannot move nor feel nor hope, that icy death has taken me, i’m dead and my soul is fading, dying and the tool that can stop it lies next to me. i have nothing, i am nothing, i’m fading, dying, drowing in that icy blackness. My soul sinks into the abyss my thoughts are raging my hands burn with hate my blood screams for realease and yet i sit and do nothing. I’m drowing, fading, dying and i sit and do nothing.

By Twisted_Thoughts

Insane - me in one word. though other words that could be used are: useless, stupid, pathetic, friendly, foul tempered, good natured, selfish and an all round living contradiction to myself