Nothing IS Perfect

All She Talked about was how horrible her life was… She had talked about Suicide and had been In the Ward Once for three months in a padded room with a straight Jacket on. No one knew what She had been planing for weeks now. Only I did… I swore Not to tell a Soul. I remember the times That I was Alive, But I still felt so dead. “Souls are never released. Only Put through hell”, She said to herself while Filling up the bathtub. She walked Into her room to Get her knife… Out of nowhere She had fallen to the ground. Now as you wonder how my first story will end You will learn that Only from this more will Begin. Well back to my point. The Poor girl had her house broken into. Her parents weren’t home. It was Unknown Who shot her in the back of her head. But I’m sure she knows as she will tourcher his soul when he reaches hell… In the next Life.

By MylaTheUnknown

Um I don't know. I'm a dark Souled Poet...