Through the embracing he wondered what may have happened. He looked up into her eyes feeling her pain. The blood poured out of her graceful neck straight in through his crimson lips. His eyes were possessed by a light color of orange, and as he looked into her eyes, he seemed to grow angry. Not at her, but at what life had forced him into doing. He was taking away her innocence. The innocence that he so loved. How could a damned creature feel so much passion for a being merely meant to be his prey?
The white dress she wore became soaked with his blood as he slit his wrist to feed her back. Finally she would become his. Finally he would not have to live through eternity without her. The idea of preserving her beauty for eternity excited him in more ways then ever thought possible. She lay on the bed, looking paler than snow. As she rose up, she looked at life differently now. She no longer was human. Her heart was beating, yet at the same time it had stopped. Life and time had stopped for her. She would no longer feel human pain or illness. This filled him with something he hadn’t felt in a long time, this filled him with joy.
He looked at her, admiring her and hating himself at the same time for what he had done. How could he damn her? He looked into the eyes that he loved so much. The eyes that could tell a thousand stories without words. She looked back with a drop of blood flowing down her cheek. How could she be crying? She told him that she was ready to go on the siege of killing with him. If they could not have each other in the realms of light, than they would have each other in the darkness that people no longer knew existed. They would finally have each other and pursue their undying love. Now and Forever.

By ElusiveDemon

I just have a need to write to get things out when i feel bothered or somewhat depressed. if you want to know more, just ask.