Nympthus was head of a secret underground coven, only real Vampyres could get in and not the posers, you know who I’m talking about you pulse loving bleeding bastards! Anyway, he had a part time job working nights as a local bar tender for a club called ‘Poor Richard’, he was dealin’ up some drinks when this lovely most entrancing girl walks in. “I’ll have the strongest shit you got.” She said angrily, he quickly poured her a drink and leaned in closer, “Bad night?” He asked softly. “You have no idea.” She replied taking down her shot and tipping the glass upside down, “I’m getting a break in a few, maybe we could talk.” He looked into her beautiful green eyes and sat back a little. “Sure.” She said smiling slightly.
“So my boss says that if we don’t get the shipment in tomorrow he’s gonna feed our screaming heads to the dogs. We don’t have the goods right now; they need to be shipped in from Moldova.” They had been in deep conversation for a couple of minutes and already he had fallen in love with her, “Who do you work for?” He asked, he found he couldn’t tear away from her eyes. “The Underworld.” She replied casually, “That’s a little hard to believe, don’t you think?” He said in disbelief, “Not the Underworld Underworld, the Mob.” She sat back and lit a cigarette, “The Mob?” He was confused but even more intrigued, “Don’t ask questions, I’m not even suppose to discus the shipment with the outsiders.” She blew a smoke ring off to the left side of the table, “So what do you do, other then run a bar?” She asked setting her elbow into the table and leaning in closer, “I run a coven called Poor Richard I make good money.” He said also leaning in and grabbing a small pocket knife from his pocket. “Watch.” He whispered as he lifted the knife to his wrist and then gliding it roughly against his skin, exposing the inner layer of skin. “No blood.” He shoved the pocket knife back into his jeans and stared at her who was staring back at him in awe. “Explains why all your veins are black.” He sat up and offered her his hand generously, music was playing and he wanted to dance with her. “Dance” Something came over her and she stood up, taking his hand.
As they danced he watched her every movement that she made, he looked upon her as a goddess. Their eyes clashed repeatedly as they swayed together with the hauntingly beautiful music. “Come with me and I promise you that you will have no regret.” He suddenly spoke out, not listening to his own words. “Take me.” She whispered in his ear grinding her hips into his.
* * * *
He threw her down upon the bed roughly as he grabbed a long sharp knife from the top of his dresser, he then leapt upon her cutting off her clothes piece by glorious piece. He ran the knife across her collar bone and watched as a small wound formed, filling with blood as she moaned in pleasure. He roughly licked it away and lifted up, grabbing her hair and shoving her to the floor, “Get in the bathroom.” He uttered in a powerful and demanding voice, she quickly scurried to the bathroom as he told her and waited there for him to arrive. He followed her to the bathroom ripping off his clothes as he went to her, “Get in the shower.” He demanded, she did as she was told, he turned the water as hot as it could go. It stung their flesh as they both stared at each other, “Get down on your knees.” Again she did as she was told, she slowly lowered to her knees as he stood there, naked before her. “Now.” He pointed to his hard ‘special friend’ and she began to gently kiss the tip, he moaned in pleasure as she swallowed him whole again and again, he knew he was about o cum so he grabbed her hair and pulled her up from her job. He shoved her roughly against the shower wall, both of them drenched in steaming water, “Fuck me.” She whispered in his ear. He shoved three fingers deep into her pussy and felt her walls closing in as she buckled, he began thrusting his fingers in and out of her. She moaned loudly and said his name, he pulled his fingers out and then threw her down on the shower floor. “Go to the bed.” He said sternly, she quickly got up and made her way to the bed, he turned off the shower and followed.
He found her laying on the bed wet and ready, he slowly moved on top of her, he felt her hips lift into his and she stared at him begging with her eyes. He shoved his huge cock into her making her scream out his name, their hips moved in rhythm as she reached her climax, her back arched and he knew she was going to cum. He felt her juices run down and his juices also spilled from his body. “You’re amazing she whispered to him as her knees buckled, he felt his fangs slide from his gums as he kissed her neck, biting her his teeth slipped into her vein, she let out a gasp and fell unconscious. He removed himself from her and sat up putting his clothes back on he grabbed his keys and sped out the door, but not before looking back at her beautiful naked body laying upon his bed. “I know.”

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