Oblivious “Normals”

Hey, i’m really pissed off right now at my so called “friends.” i have gone to school wearing all black, the boots, studded belts, and black pants before just becuz i liked the outfit. Even then, i felt like i should be in a goth community without all the “normals” who call us Satanists. I know some are, but who gives a shit?? it really doesn’t matter, everyone has the right to their own religion or not to have one at all. People seem to be oblivious to that fact.

anywayz, i painted my nails black today and even the fuckin’ teachers were staring as if i had some sort of fungus on my hands. excuse me, but i like black. it’s beautiful. and it looks good on me. which i guess is an advantage since i am goth, but yeah. so now everyone is into to their pitiful lives of calling me goth cuz i’m different. and my own “friends” treat me like fuckin’ cow shit; like i’m infected or something. I just wish that people would find something better to do than attempt to clevery tease us by calling us “goth.” pleaze let me know your thoughts on this even tho it is a common complaint. i’m so sick of all these ASSHOLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By flamingwings

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