obsession has no cure

The obsession
Don’t get caught in temptation, you will only yearn for it more.
To feel the warm blood run down your arm, and slowly to the floor.
To feel pain gently sooths you, and you cut deeper into your cold arm.

Things seem to get worse for you, yourself you want to harm
The blade swiftly moves back and forth, the intensity rushes through your veins.
You acquire your desperate wanting, as you run your hand across the blade.
You stare blinded at your arms, forgetful of your past
Feeling gratitude for your work, that you hide behind a mask.
You accept what you see, and grab a knife for more.
Nothing loved is ever lost, and obsession has no cure.

By DementedAngel048

Hmmm.. Well where do i start, i'm days away from being 15, my parents think i'm anorexic, they threatened to send me to several psychiatrist.. my dad wants me to go to anger management classes. .. my dad throws stuff at me... knives ect ... i used ta cut myself, threatened with suicide,,,, i play basketball.. my school life is okay i guess,, i have tha greatest friends,, and the best boyfriend... do i sound interesting?? i live in the smallest town in the world..well at least i think so..