Odd, isn’t it.

Hrm, I hang out with the local ‘goth’ croud and I’ve noticed something by viewing this site and then looking at my friends.

You guys ALL have the same mentality (ok, so that’s a HUGE grouping of people… but that’s the general trend I’ve noticed. kudos the the ones who don’t). You guys all seem to love the guy in the dark trenchcoat that lives in the shadows and all that junk. That disgusts me… Sure, I root for the goth in most situations (The oblongs, case in point), simply for the masacistic pleasure of having the shit beaten out of me by my friends ;). We HATE it when we see all these goths selling out just because they think it’s cool do pull the kind of stuff steriotyped in the ’80s. My friends and me are on the speech team to define our individuality from mainstream cliques (no, I don’t dress goth… I simply have shirts with ‘WTF?’ and other such nerd oddities on them). We (yes, I refer to all my friends at once, simply because we’re conagius) love to hear the ever-so-famous ‘SPEECH GEEKS’ remark every time we have a tourney in another city… it’s hardcore, simply because they get a nice view of our bums. Yes, I know I’m going to be flamed for this post. But really… are we that immature? Anyway, my point here is that just because you’re goth doesn’t mean you have to become part of such a cliche.

They stole our pants!!!