Of Deeper Thoughts and Sanity

i bleed,
i breathe,
i wanted to pretend,
that you would be here in the end,
my angelic child,

my goddess sweet,
on this innocent night,
i know i need,
another moment in your prescence,
another of your tears on my shoulder,
i just want this life to make sense,
my only prayer is to hold her,
but the presence of fear grips at my heart,
and in her eyes, panic starts
to spread throughout her inner soul,
so subtly i would never know,
already she is running,
already she wants to be gone,
what goddess abandons her servant,
at the one time he is alone,
did i not love her?
did i not care for her?
did i not spend every hour in prayer to her?
dreaming, at night, of her face,
feeling at day, my sanity break,
where the fuck is she!?
where is my angel now!?
she said, “i’ll always be with you”
such serpent words tear me down,
and a mix of tears and blood,
stain my hands, and dilute my love,
her love, a demoness buried behind,
every single one of her little lies,
yes, she pretended to be mine,
and brought me to heaven in my time,
only to leave me stranded on a cloud,
and now the only way back home is down,
of what i need.
that bitch! that succubus! that broken thought,
a broken mirror in which her image is caught,
and my hands are cut on the glass fragments,
and i feel my sanity as it bends,
and as it snaps,
in her shadow i am trapped…
and so in her naked, dying form,
in my arms her body lays,
so it comes, in this corpse,
with her now i will spend all my days…

By jackdaw

without those that are happy, i can not be sad, happiness only comes from the pain of others...as the shadow from the candle's light.