of no importance

looking for a spot we havent burnt out yet, panhandling for drug money. ill give you 5 for a kiss and more for a little more. drowning in a foolish sickness. full of empty space. playing games that lead to mental corrosion. let the pink shit burn in your nostrils so you can down the hells bells like nothing with the numbness to disguise the bitter twisting of your buds. countless numbers of grinding bodies, sweating and dripping with heavenly scents.

i taught you to never look back and never regret, but im on the floor struggling to breathe. lighting up in the playground being the only thing we know how to be. underneath the skin hiding what we can keep secret. balls out hopelessness and utter disrespect for every other living thing. im three years old and i can shoot you.

By MasochisticSweetness

Fuck off and die.


  1. Good writing – every sentence gave me a bunch of details in my mind.

    3 year old that can shoot people?
    Maggie Simpson!!!

  2. My hat goes off to you. It takes a modicum of courage to write about drug addiction. Seems like a touchy subject these days. *poke… poke poke… poke*


  3. beautifly writtin. i love the disciptions. 😉


  4. It really made me think about mine…………………. But it was excelent.


  5. Scale of one((low)) to ten… you get a 9.2.
    I’ll email you a certificate of achievement if you’d like. ;p

    We need more things like this that make our brain cells create electricity. It was great.


  6. Wow. Thank you. Thank you very much. I’m flattered. Email me if you like….i know i would.

    Thank you all, for all your comments. I appreciate them.

    i can’t do this when i’m sober.

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