Oh my liar, my love©

My hand full of
Bloody glass
Welcome to the
World you left me in
Promise broken
Tearstains run
As my eyes fog
And I pass out
The definition
Of my life
You killed me
How do you deal
With a broken heart
Is it possible
To live without
My air
My pill
My morphine
My love
Go away
Every promise
Starting with forever
Ends now
With the only truth
Of a liar
My reflections
Now gone
The mirror
In pieces on the floor
Becomes my
Bed of choice
The crying
Is my lullaby?
Not the sound
Of your voice
Blood holding my
Body ever so tightly
Not your
Loving embrace
My eyes close
Your face is my comfort faded
Into hated memories
Of how great you
Came out to be
And how narcissistic
You truly are

November 7, 2003
Kristen Mazzola

By På†hè‡Ï© Ðõm视îç