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Warner Bros. planning multiverse with King Kong, Godzilla, and Pacific Rim!

When I was a little boy, around seven or eight, my local television station aired KING KONG VS. GODZILLA as a “late, late movie” special one Saturday night. I remember how excited I got when I first saw the promos. After much begging and pleading, I somehow managed to convince my mother to let me stay up and watch it. I’d never seen it before, and the idea of watching the two great titans, my two most beloved giant monsters duking it out, was simply mind-blowing. When the appointed night arrived, I tuned in the television’s rabbit ear antennae, turned off all the lights, curled up on the couch to await the beginning of the movie—and promptly fell asleep. I slept right through the movie, not waking up until morning. Opening my eyes to the color bars (TV stations used to do this, kiddies) and realizing what I had done, I was devastated.

That feeling of excitement I experienced over that late, late (too late for a little boy) airing of KKVG is back. In fact it might even be a little heightened. Legendary is to pit their new GODZILLA against the star of the upcoming KONG: SKULL ISLAND, and BOTH of them to appear in Guillermo Del Toro’s PACIFIC RIM universe?! Oh, and they’re getting their own theme park rides, to boot!? I’m seven years old again.

source: bloody-disgusting.com

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