The two go hand in hand, I think. The way you’re either a Math and Science guy in school, or you’re an English and History guy. (I’ll give you one guess which of the two I was.) It’s not universal, no; there is no such thing as an absolute, for every rule there is an exception, yadda yadda yadda. But generally speaking, if one is into the Horror genre then that person will also have an interest in things like abnormal psychology and serial killers, cryptozoology, etc. We’ll set cryptozoology aside for the time being and focus instead on the connections between Horror and True Crime. If you, like me, are a True Crime junkie as well as a Horror junkie and a Monsterkid, then this article here should be of interest to you.

Impress your friends with how much you know about crime scene tech! They likely get their information from fake shows like the 22 different iterations of CSI, whereas we true believers don’t go in for the phony stuff. Give us Investigation Discovery documentaries and articles like this. The next time one of your friends spouts off with some “knowledge” they learned by watching fabricated fiction, hit ‘em with a few of the facts you’ll learn at this link here. Impress them, or scare them. One or the other.