If you’re one of the ten people who haven’t seen this movie yet, you should. It ought to be experienced on the big screen. You may have read elsewhere that it is the scariest of all the JURASSIC PARK movies. This is true. You may have seen, as I have, claims that it at one point morphs into a gothic Horror flick. This is also true. It could have been produced by Hammer studios, back in the day. In summation, everything positive you may have heard about this one is true.

In terms of negatives, there is only one complaint by the commoner critics that I have read that holds any validity at all: the claim that it is formulaic. This is true, to an extent. While never overtly derivative, neither are there any plot points that come as any surprise. Even the one touted as a “plot twist” you can see coming from a mile away. None of this makes the movie any less enjoyable, however, and that finale is dynamite.

We Horror geeks get plenty of Horror. That’s undeniable. But we don’t get all that much in the way of QUALITY Horror. This is changing, it seems, and that’s good. We’re getting more movies like THE CONJURING franchise, where the effort is made to create a quality Horror picture. But Horror still doesn’t get much cross-genre love. When a “mainstream” movie offers us Horror elements, we should support that movie. Only that way are we likely to get more of the same.