One For Eternity


They met at a concert held in an outdoor area. It had been a very hot, humid night in which the night sky was crisp and clear. The large crowds of bustling people had not helped the heat factor, however. The two never expected it before that night in which they met but the coarse of fate had brought them together…

A slender figure of about the height of five foot seven pushed her way through the screaming crowds. She was dressed in unique attire that was not seen often seen, her black pants were long and trimmed with many chains and straps of all sorts, her shirt was a simple black tank top. Her shoulder length hair hung down in her face. There was something very different about her though. She continued to fight through the crowds until she found a spot close to the stage. She stopped to look around at the people surrounding her. The people stared at her with a seemingly fearful look in their eyes. She turned to face the stage, ignoring the strange stares from the surrounding humans. She felt another person brush up against her, the person had very cold skin, she turned her head to see. Her icey blue eyes met with another dressed much like she was. The stranger also wore dark clothes covered with chains and straps and also wore long hair that fell into her fair toned face. She was a bit shorter than the first girl, who had sensed a unique likeness about this new stranger. She simply ignored that feeling though, thinking that it couldn’t be possible. The shorter girl nodded as if apologizing and took her place next to the other. The shorter of the two looked over and commented to the other girl, “Cool pants.” The other nodded and replied, “Thanks.” Their eyes met again and they were both sure of something unique about each other. “My name’s Azriel,” the taller of the two introduced herself. “And I am Malitia, or just simply Mal.” The two smiled and turned to face the stage in which the band was just now entering upon. The melodic sounds of a wailing guitar and a mezmering voice filled the night air. The two girls watched the band with an occassional glance toaward each other in which there eyes would always meet. By the time the night was half way over, Azriel felt as if she had known the stranger for many years though they had hardly even spoken to one another. The two had moved much closer together throughout the concert and their bodies were now against each other. Azriel looked over to her side where Malitia was standing next to her. Malitia looked back at her and smiled innocently. As she smiled, Azriel noticed something about Malitia that she had not previously noticed; she had two elongated fangs that came to sharp points. Azriel laughed lightly to herself and smiled back at Malitia, revealing the same sharp pointed teeth that Malitia had. Azriel continued to grin, realizing what had been so unique about this stranger and why she sensed it so well. Azriel thought to herself, “Ah, so I am not the only one.” The two were both vampires. Malitia slowly moved her arm around Azriel’s shoulders. Azriel, still grinning, put her arm around Malitia, who was now looking toward Azriel’s neck with lust. Azriel watched Malitia as she pushed her hair behind her ear, revealing her fair skinned neck. Malitia ran her hand around and behind Azriel’s neck and moved her soft, cool lips towards Azriel’s throat, barely kissing it. She wrapped her other arm around Azriel’s waste just as Azriel did the same to her. Malitia held on to her new “friend” tightly and gently bit her neck, not yet breaking skin. She pulled back and looked into Azriel’s cool, blue-grey eyes, smiling. Azriel moved forward and ran her hands through Malitia’s silky hair then down to her back, and held her closely. She then returned Malitia’s favor and slowly, lightly nibbled her neck; then pulled back. The two stood together for a moment and looked into one another’s eyes. They both leaned in toward each other, moving their faces as close to the other’s as possible without actually touching. Their eyes met once again and they looked at each other for a split second. They moved in closer to each other, allowing their cool lips to touch one another’s. They closed their eyes and gently ran their hands down each others’ backs. Their lips touched again but this time they allowed their tongues to gently slip into the other’s mouth. They kissed passionately until Azriel slowly pulled away, looking at Malitia. She smiled and leaned in toward Malitia’s neck again. She ran her tongue over the side of Malitia’s neck and began to nibble softly. She soon began to bite a little harder, still not yet breaking skin. Azriel continued to prgressively bite a little harder until she pulled back looked into Malitia’s eyes, “We shall be together forever,” she said, still looking into Malitia’s soft, calm eyes. Malitia nodded in understandment as she leaned in to kiss Azriel once more. Their lips met and their tongues gently brushed against each other. Malitia pulled away and Azriel moved down to her neck again and began gently biting again. Malitia sighed heavily and said, “Make us eternally one.” Azriel’s fangs broke through Malitia’s soft, fair skin. Malitia breathed heavily and dug her finger nails into Azriel’s back as Azriel’s fangs dug deeper into her neck. The warm blood flowed and dripped into Azriels’ mouth, beginning to flow through the veins of her slender body. Azriel took her last drink and pulled away as Malitia leaned in to Azriel’s neck and carefully but swiftly stabbed her fangs into Azriel’s neck; drinking her blood, making them one mind and one soul. Malitia felt the blood flowing through her, the soul of Azriel flowing through her. It was a feeling like none other. The two felt each other’s thoughts, feelings, and souls flowing through the others’ veins. Malitia pulled back and looked into Azriel’s eyes, smiling an innocent grin of blood stained teeth. Azriel smiled back, “We are now one for eternity, two immortals bound by fate…and now by blood. I know your thoughts, just as you know mine and I know your feelings, just as you know mine. We are forever together, even if we are apart. My love, welcome to my body, my mind, my soul…my immortal.” Azriel leaned forward, running her fingers through Malitia’s hair then holding her head. The two closed their eyes and allowed their lips, now warm with the flow of each other’s blood, to touch once more. At this last passionate kiss, the two vampires dissappeared from the crowds of screaming people just as the final songs chords faded from the night’s warm, humid air. The strength of one immortal can be amazing, yet the power of two is forever undefeatable.