one late night alone i see

one late night
alone i see
truth to life
and everthing

my mind is tired
and i am half awake
when i hear
the voice of god’s sake

he tells me that theres
something beyond
what i am
and that if im to ever
live on i must meet his

i listened intently
to this bodiless voice
the voice that could
possibly, be in my head
i listen patiently
as he tells
tells me of the dead

he tells me of my buddy
the one who died so
long ago
and he tells me he smiles
down as he wathces
me grow on

he mocks me
and makes me mad
my aner growing now
i tell him to get to the point
and tell me what he
wants to say

this once angel
that i thought
is now clearly
for he teases
and is mocking me
making me fell of
inner pain

i feel guilty and blame
myself for everything
that has to come
so i write this poem
to remind me
of this demonic memory

(all that was told is. i have not communed with the super natural)

(i wrote this poem write now and i am actually rather proud of it. thank you)

By depressed_1

i hate my life, i hate my school, and i hate my family. i do sports im kinda popular but no girls like me in "that way"