One Night Stand

Hand in hand, we quickly made our way through the cluttered hall at last reaching my room. Sex on both of our minds, and unleashed passion flowing from our inner most desires. Wasting no time, I grabbed a lighter and set the therapeutic vanilla candles a flame. He was already waiting for me in my bed, his body language inviting me to join along. Without any hesitation, I moved closer and finally crawled under the majestic pink silken sheets, our bodies united together, the moment only growing hotter.

His right hand gently held my cheek in his palm, as his tender lips met mine, and with one slick move his tongue rattled in and out of my mouth. A sweet passionate kiss here and exhilarating lick there, us both becoming stimulated greatly. His lips departed mine, and found their way down along my neck, making tiny ringlets around my hottest spots; I began breathing heavily and was sent into pure ecstasy. With his left hand he caressed my breast, until my nipple stood firm. Then again, his lips departed my skin; however this time his right hand followed, only to wind up under the bottom of my shirt. Suddenly, my blouse was riding up on me, with his hand trailing. The crisp cool air drove my body into a state of shock while he fumbled to undo my bra. Finally, his hands moved to my shoulders and down my arms, the straps following. The articles of clothing stripped from me, were tossed to the floor.

Once again, our lips met, and once again, they separated from one another, only to find his lips resting upon my abdomen. His tongue spiraled around my belly button for a moment and then proceeded upward until reaching my breasts. His teeth gently enclosed my nipple, at the same time his tongue worked vigorously waving up and down, I planted my hand firmly on his back as I threw my head backward, retaining from bursting with sexual excitement. Slightly pulling back, his warm breath evaporated the remaining moister on my mound, sending chills up along my spine.

The touch of his hand ceased, and in that moment, with no words, I took reign of the situation. My tiny hands slid into his and our fingers locked together. With one light push, he laid back and my performance began. Teasingly, I placed my hand on his member and rubbed firmly until I knew that he was drowning in such ecstasy. Quickly, I moved my hand from that region and started on his upper body, my hand exploring inch by inch. Caressing him all over sent his nerves into chaos and he grew more and more aroused. Spicing things up a bit, I removed a gold satin cloth from a small drawer nearby and tied it around his gentle face. Being blindfolded made my every move even more secretly seductive and electrifying for him.

Taking his hand in mine once again I directed his middle finger to my mouth where I sampled for him what was to come. He reacted with desperate deep gulps of air. Throwing him off a bit, I sat motionless for a minute, then immediately attacked his every nerve, for a second time, by nibbling and softly sucking on his ear lobe. From there I made a short pit stop at his neck and then straight down to his pot of gold. My fridget fingertips slipped under the elastic of his boxers and violently I pulled them downward. His body somewhat twitching while adjusting to the change in the climate. Swiftly I stripped him of the rest of his clothing, and simply shunned it to the floor, as he had done unto me.

His muscular legs gradually relaxed as I kneed his warm sack in my hand. Stroking his sex, I made constant downward motions over and over again; his body became tense once again. His heart pounding harder and harder with every touch I bestowed upon him. Noticing that he was quickly building to his climax, I decided to slow his stimulation down. Passionately, I ran my hand up and down his leg, in a massaging fashion, circling in and out around the back of his knee for a moment. His breathing had slowed down, and was just back to normal, then with out warning I sealed my mouth around his gigantic post, and taking my time brought him back to such ecstasy. Round and round, in an almost erythematic notion, I licked and sucked.

His muscles solid as rock and hands clenching tightly together. I could feel his manhood begin to flow through him, and just before the big eruption, his hand found its way down along my thigh. My legs sealed closely together began to break apart to meet his magical touch. With his ring and middle finger, he forced his way inside me playfully satisfying me. Moving his fingers in a circular, in and out, curl and uncurl fashion. Upon finding my sweet spot, he worked until he got me to an orgasmic state. My nerves chaotically bursting with agitation, I started down on him faster and faster until I knew he couldn’t take it anymore, so I simply stopped.

The scent of vanilla now filled the room, and the air stood warm from our bodies’ heat. The covers laid mangled together at the foot of the bed. Meanwhile, my left hand gently slicked through his soft hair, while the other hand labored at lifting the cloth from his eyesight. Longingly, awaiting to look deep into his luscious, big, brown eyes, I managed to wish off the satin piece from his head and then pulling me closer I leaned in to revive his uttermost fantasies.

Sitting upwardly, he embraced me simultaneously, sweeping me from him, gently tucking me beneath his sexy body. His hand trailed down along me and found its way inside me, teasing me, for I had it coming. Just as I was becoming lost in that amazing feeling, he paid me back, with the ceasing of his hand. But rewarded me with the engaging of his tongue spiraling my belly button, and trailing downward. He softly kissed, sucked and massaged the inside of my left thigh with his tongue. Tickling, and feeling so amazing all at once, that I couldn’t help but let out a slight moan of approval. Switching to the other side he sucked and licked my right thigh, just as he had done to my left, and then went straight to it… His tongue rolled up and down over my clitoris, I could feel myself getting moister and moister with each lick, suck and bite.

With an abrupt stop he came and gently kissed my forehead then with a mischievous smile he hovered above me, his penis barley touching me, and moving back and forth proceeded to tease the hell out of me. Coming face to face with me, he leaned in as if to give me a kiss and right before my lips met his he turned his head and forcefully pinned me to the bed. I couldn’t stand it any longer! I reached for the banana flavored condom sitting on my dresser. Ripping it open, I showed no mercy as I placed in my mouth and wrapped my lips around his manhood, sliding the rubber to the base and then licking my lips with such attitude.

His sex entered me, it was pure joy, and my feeling of intensity was at an all time high. My silky, smooth body rubbed against his and in an erythematic motion we worked together, him pushed into me as I tilted my hips up to met him. Penetrating me with such depth that he gave to himself pleasure, all the way down to the base of his excited member. Being large all around, his role was fulfilled every time that he pumped into me, but all the same he took his time and went slow to preserve the moment.

Figuring I would take charge for a while, my legs crossed over his as he turned onto his back. Holding myself up with his muscular arms as he supported my back I mounded myself upon his stud. And rode him into the night…

By FallenAngel37

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