one of those days

It’s one of those days where u just wanna say good bye. Slit ur wrist & die, leaving a note saying im sorry I tried, I really did. Every since I was a lil kid I kept my feelings inside, u’ve neva seen me fully cry. You don’t know wha its like to b alone. Its like ur just siting there while every1’s gone. What did I do dat was so wrong? My body tingles, my hands shake.. is this really my fate? To inversion lying on the floor with my blood around me. My soul is frozen to the core. I have scars from the past but like everything else they never last. My scars tell a story to fright full to tell, so I lock it away in my own cold world. The story is true of the day I wanted my life to b through. I just don’t have da guts to push down & pursue wha I know will happen soon

By Tired of bein ur puppet

madre piccolo errore