Suicidal thoughts fill the depressed teenage mind

Happy thoughts are pressed together and left behind

Parents cry and weep for your sake

Wishing your life you didn’t want to take

They don’t understand and neither do your friends

They can’t see the frayed and torn ends

Your life is unraveling before your eyes

Still covered in deception and lies

No one would understand would they even care

If the space you inhabited was suddenly one day bare

Parents send you to shrinks in hopes that you can be “cured”

They can’t help you, they’re dumbfounded their thoughts floored

So they make something up and screw your life up more

It can’t be cured with pills and medication, but lets try it, sure!

Try anything at this point, the thoughts are getting worse

Starting to think your life’s not a blessing, more like a curse

They find your drawings and writings and think your crazy

But you don’t care, life’s no more clear, now, more hazy

You can’t control anything anymore, it doesn’t matter to you

All you ask is that your life be through

You can’t do anything right and they make sure you know that too

Nothings right anymore, at least nothing that you do

They read your notes and still didn’t see your plea for help that you sent out

They find and read but still don’t understand what you’re about

You never expected them to, you don’t want to say it, but they’re not as smart as you

That’s exactly why they think its wrong, the things that you do!

Close minded people ruining everything all the time

Making you think that expressing yourself is a crime

Well you don’t care what they think, not anymore

Your never gonna be better, never gonna be a cure

Should just end it now, they won’t be too sad

They won’t miss the depressed screwed up child they had

The black and deceitful world has corrupted your once pure mind

Now leaving all the happy thoughts behind

You can’t see the goodness in things anymore

They can’t understand you, its like you’re behind your hidden door

They won’t ask and you won’t tell

Your fucked life is a living hell

End it all and get it over with now

They’ll be sad, but only for awhile…

By raven_lostchild

im 14 and stuck in a town where everyone is a racist or just an asshole...therefore life pretty much sucks. but other than that my fav. bands are such as kiTTie, gODHEAD, Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Soil, Coal Chamber, Rob Zombie, Crossbreed, Hatebreed