Only Her

She met him only once a long time ago
made this beautifully sleek man her lover
She let him touch her sometimes but never too much
Although his touch was consuming it addicted
When his lips pressed her skin everything left
Only her and that man

But soon their relationship grew
Her feelings for him made her flush
They were more than you should have for just a lover
When blood rushed inside the moment she saw him
She knew he could please every part of her
And it scared her to realize that
Only her and that man

Once she let him kiss the inside of her breast
It seemed as if the world had been swallowed
Soon he was allowed everywhere on her
She relied on him to take away the world, her world
Clinging maybe too much to his magic
But he was always there for her
Never leaving her for anyone else
Only her and that man

Soon months passed and again he and her shared
Every night they embraced each other
She loved him with a twisted love
One that consumed her like his kisses
She was addicted to him
Only her and that…blade.


By ChildofDeath

A little gothic girl going to a boarding school.