open your eyes

(this post should go in the category Darkness. thank you.)

I’ve noticed….
people dont care about what happens to you.
people will blame others before looking at themselves
people come and people go, nothing lasts forever
nobody will ever understand you or “get you”
most people are self-centered
people are only motivated by the possibility that they might gain something.
people are materialistic
people forget that they control their thoughts, their thoughts dont control them

its ok to
feel sorry for yourself, cause no one else will

in the end
you only have yourself, so learn to stand alone and stand strong

i dont believe in heaven, i believe we need hope to survive and without religion we would have lost hope and died out. we need something to look forward to , something to motivate us, because i guess people just cant be good unless they think they are going to get rewarded in the end. what happened to selflessness? or just being charitable?

we only have one life to live, live it.
we live, we love, we die.
there is so much in this life just to be wrapped up in our petty little problems. open your eyes. look around. theres a world of people here. dont get wrapped up in your material possessions, the people in your life, the things you do. thats what matters..not the car you drove or you comp, the clothes you wore,or the music you listened to

one kind deed will cause another, start the cycle.

Take my heed and open your eyes, look around at what you have been missing.