Opiate Misanthropy

You pervade my thoughts
Like a malignant tumor
You leave my mind in turmoil
You bring my blood to a boil

When I close my eyes

My heart pounds and races
Like a hearding stampede
Of malcontent miscreants

When I think of you

And your misanthropy
I passionately vex you back
This mutated perverse lust
This fetid little crush
This crystal-meth adrenale rush
This little Hellion on Ecstacy
And now she wants to fuck me

God knows that you’re a whore
And with every flux of my heart
I only spite myself and want you more
You’re everything to me
And I hate it all
Ever since I saw you
In that accursed mall
Ever since I was seduced
By your Hell-flame crimson,
Supple lips crying out in sin
I forgot where I started
And found out where you begin

Fucked me over and let me in!

The shimmer of those seeting azure
Oceans of omnipotent lust
Swelling in the back of your skull
Makes me want to fuck you so hard
That you’ll be oozing full
The void of your heart
Contented and lulled

The carress of your pallid hands
Marked my black soul
Like chalk on an onyx slate
And with all my love I’ll end you
And with all my acrid logics I’ll hate
That forked celestial tongue
That spoke the irrevocable words
That made Eden come crashing down
That warm eternalized spark
That in its niavete set Hell aflame

I’m in shambles, I’m ruined
And all that’s left is you to blame
and all those emotions
I tried so avid to despise
Are raging, rampaging, and untame
Exploiting all the simple truths
And striking down the simple lies

This will have been for all too long
If even for only but a day
I’ll forever devoutly detest your imposure
Into the unirked comfort of my composure

p.s. for those of you who read both of my poems: I wrote them on the same day, so several words are re-used in both poem, I apologize for the monotony, but apart from one and other the i think the vernaculars of each poem have a life of their own. Please do tell me what you think. I implore you.

By Necrologia

I like that which is aesthetic. My passion is poetic writing and romanticism. I'm open to most any experiance. I'm an analytical philosophical insomniac in addition to the previously mentioned. If you would like to know more e-mail me; otherwise I'm just another name on your screen.