out of the fridge

mass confusion line the streets in my illusion.
theres half and half, ying and yand, black and white,
and what a site.
do i cross the bridge or take my cold heart from the fridge.

ive decided to collide and live in between the lines
so if the manic part declines, ill jump to the heavens
half my toe swarmped in pergatiory
running toward this paradise i found my invetory
and yeah there is so much saddness
in this mass land of craziness
so dare i do cross the bridge and take my cold heart out of the fridge
i wanted to be free to fly
i wanted to stop living a lie
i get so frightened at times,that i would wake from this dream and be back in that hell, but for now i cant really tell
yes i did cross the bridge
and defrosted the heart that was in the fridge

By sabrocks

look it up its in the stories....