out of the in crowd

look at these kids walking to class, not noticing who the same person they pass by every single day. it seems as if all these kids have a radar, and avoid collisions with on coming confused traffic. a radar set to who the are going to meet at lunch, or who they feel like strangaling when stress overides evrything else.

then you got the kids who stop in the middle of traffic to talk to their big labled group of “friends” and it makes you just want to push them flying into a wall or maybe a 6ft deep whole. one day while i was walking through this narrow crowded corridor, i felt a little bit lower than usual. i couldn’t get over the night before, sitting with my knees to my chest on my bed room floor. i was crying so hard the air was too heavy to breahe. a loser is what i am, everynight i wish i had a friend who would stay by my side. this river of people was not helping so i tried to get out as soon as possible. as soon as i got out side, into a small clearing i heard a helicopter over head then when i tuned to see a tall man running through the crowd shoving kids out of his path with an officer running after him with his gun high and exposed. i tried to move out of the way, then i got knocked to the floor dropping my sketch book and pages flying every where. i tried to return to he scattering crowd and get away, but the man grabed me by the arm and flung me to my feet, i pleaded him to let me go, histaria once agian filled my body till the air seemed no longer breatheable. he held me by the neck, not choking me, but firm. i could see people running away, i could see the fear in there eyes and weekness it left on them while they threw themselves into choas, i could hear sireins approaching while he officers on foot had the fugative surrounded. i could see down every gun barrel aiming at me as he jerked me around. i didn’t want to look up, i was afraid to look at him in his eyes. then a sharp pain struck through my body and up to brain all they way down to my feet collapsing, he still held on i looked into the bastards cool moralless eyes while blood filled my throut into my lungs, through the distanced siriens, gun shots zipped passed me
and i met the cold cement. starring off into a crowd of some kids still around, screaming and crying. i think this is what they need to see, i wanted them to look into my eyes, soon their sreams distorted in to high pitched waves then fading off into my heartbeat which echoed in my ears, faster and faster, my chest rising and falling rapidly, the blood spilling out of my mouth, i gasped for air but the blood was so thick that i couldn’t get more air than i would out of a straw. a mask went ovr my face and the faces turned into blackness, and my through the sound pulsing veins i felt this world slip away, a faint voicelike echo, “this girl isn’t going to make it…”

By crowseye

i wish i could say more about myself, but i can't so fuck it.