i lay here on the ground of a dirty floor inside of a fithy house,
i don’t know how i got here or when i’ll be able to leave,

the only colour i see is red,

i cant see through the dirty vision of whats inside,

there is noone to help,

no voice to shout,

and know where to get out,

what have i taken,

there are so many drugs running through my viens,

they all come out of my slit wrists,

as my body empties the pain and suffering,

i see my unfulfilled life flash through my mind,

i see someone standing over me,

i can feel their cold sweat dripping on my forehead,

their eyes filled with pain turn white as they fall to the floor,

beside them i lay in a pool of my own blood and theirs,

i didn’t know why i was put here,

or why they chose me to die,

i watched the blood pour from the top to the bottom,

i knew at that moment that noone could save me,

all they could do is watch me die.

By twistedfaith

writing my inner thoughts that come from my brian, i don't know where they come from but they sound like i'm in vein, all i want in life is for someone to understand me, but i don't think that will happen so just let me be.