overtime at work

it had been a long day at work. justin had just finished putting the final and last of the condoms in the display case. tonight it was him and jenna closing up the store, and justin always wanted to fuck her hard. jenna was standing next to him looking at the condoms. as he shut the display case, she put her hand on his and said “don’t shut it just yet i want to look at this condom.” justin immediately got a boner. she said”too bad my boyfriend is out of town for the weekend, i really wanted to try this one out.” justin thenh stated” well i know a guy who would help with that.” And with that being said, jenna stepped closer to justin and ran her finger down his chest. ” and who would that be?” she said. without saying a word he grabbed her ass and pulled her closer. she made a sound of pleasure and jstin seized the opportunity to kiss her. it was long and deep. he pulled away and led her to the back room. she stepped into the room and turned around while unbuttoning her shirt, justin realized that jenna wasn’t wearing a bra and got harder.justin took off his pants and boxers in one smooth movement.he kissed her and jeena took off her skirt. they kissed long and hard again, and justin spun her around and bent her over. “take this bitch” he said and soved it in her ass. she delightfully screamed and begged for more. he fucke her hard, going in deeper and deeper with each thrust. she felt him go extremely stiff as he released his load into her ass. he pulled out his cock and she turned around. “More” she said. justin got hard. she threw him to the ground and slowly stuck his cock into her puusy. she moved her hips back and forth, faster and harder. justin reached up and pinched hir tits. she screamed and came non stop all over his cock. she got up and licked all of it off and kissed him on the lips. she lay down next to him, and said” so wanna fuck me again bitch?”………


telling the truth.