Paganism, Some people just don’t know shit

You know it’s almost sicking to here some people bitch about how good of a wiccan they are, or how good their getting at it. “I know more shit than you do”, replied the whiny stupid fucking moron. You know if I can recall, now give me a sec, shit there it is, paganism is a religion of preference.

Ahhhh, and some people still think you do it wrong. Who gives a flying fuck. Man if you want to practice a ritual hanging from the fucking chandelier go for it. You have to customize this for you, that is how you tap the true power, when it’s all about you. There isn’t anything I can recall that says if you say I want to fuck so and so, is bad karma, sex magick..excellent. So you people out there trying to learn, learn, listen but don’t let others break the three fold down to discriminate you. So what if they tell their friends that they can do tv type magick…it’s not about’s making the fucking difference in your life where you want, with a mystical force, holding few rules, and a whole bunch of let the fucking imagination go nuts. So fuck putting up with the agony. If they don’t want to share the experience or help you learn to grow…simply…tell them to fuck off and shut the fuck up you stupid fuckass moron..and there isn’t a rule that says slander is not healthy..take a deep breath now!

By Verlock

solitude can be achieved even in the busiet of places.