pain…pain… and hate!
the only thing i have left now burning pain and hate for the people who did this to me!
i feel empty… nothing left but pain and hate
i allways feel the pain just like the hate…

i’m allone.
my mother is dead…
killed my father…

i hate everything! i hate myself !
it hurts.

i screamed nooooo!! noooooo!! when my father slashed my mother in pieces nooooooooo!! no my father came to me and said: Its you falt ! you did it he kicked me and i cryd no i’m sorry i’m sorry he kicked and kicked .
he picked me up and he hit me .
then a voice it said let him go or i blow your fucking brains out .
it was thomas my best vriend holding a gun to my father’s head .
my father said: you fucking fool and he grabd the gun
at that moment i looked for the knive which my father had yoused to slay my mother with .
as i grabd the knife my father puld the trigger. thomas was lying seconds later on the floor in a pool of blood .
i screamed you fucking bastard !!! I HATE YOU !!!
then i stabd him several times in his back …

and here i am sitting on the vloor mother dead
my best friend dead …
i killed my own father

i have nothing left now only the hate and pain…

By corpscollector

Satan is my appprentice