pain and lies

pain is all i ever felt ever since i was three and my dad used to beat on me pian based on the lies that parents will tell pain based on the truth they hide its always been that way for me i dont know why but it has i killed my father when i was ten he hurt me to much to let him get away with it so i snapped and i killed him with his favorite knife kind of ironic since thats the one he used to cut me at night when i was trying to go into the dream world away from this rape when i was five istarted writing stories nothing but lies and dreams to keep me away from the world they never lasted long because a story always has an ending and this is mine tiem will tell if it was meant to happen like this but time will have to wait for someone else i have decided that tonight is the night i die no regrets left in my life never had anything that would constitute a wish my father took that all away my father took everything away he left me with nothing but pain and lies so i write and i die