painful awakenings

the damn thirst is getting to me again. i want and need blood so badly. i’d take it from myself if i could, but i never really did like the taste of my own. another problem is the fact that i only like taking my sustenance from the man i love. but he isnt here. in cases like this i’d go out and “hunt”. but i have a cold and am too tired for any game. so i sit here and writhe on the inside, and become angry on the outside. this craving will not go away until it is fulfilled……….god help those who piss me off because i will not stop until i am satisfied. if need be i WILL go on a killing spree until my thirst is quenched. i should not be listening to Rob Zombie, he is after all, the only artist who affects my mood. His music is the only feeding my pain. and i love it. i need blood badly. but i will not find it.

By mistress faruzah

losing your viginity at a church is quite the experience