Sitting alone in the darkend room,i wait for him to come and take me away.The things iv done,i wish i could erase them all,and start over,just like a mistake on a piece of paper…some time’s life does seem as simple as paper.

Only an hour later he enterd the room,his long black cloak flowing in the night’s wind.He stared down at me spitefully.My tatterd clothes and bruised legs and arms could do nothing to fight him off,all i could do was await his cold hard grasp.Reaching down he griped the back of my hair and pulled my up to his gaze,my feet barly touching the ground.There where no words needed to know what was going to happen next.He slid his filthy hand over my small and helpless body,so weak and feeble i could do nothing but close my eyes and hope he would not do,what he did to the rest.He drew his lips close to mine,licking and tasting my trembeling lips.He drew out a small dagger from his pocket and held it thretingly to my throat.I knew i wouldnt last long,i knew he would have my body.As as last feeble attempt to free my self i pushed on his body forcfully,pushing him away from me,No good did it do,he was right back on my,but hell was now raging in his eye’s,i had only made things worse.he threw me on the ground and pulled off my ragged,ripped clothes.He held me down and he pressed his hard stiff body agiants mine,nothing more i could do but try and block out the last hours of my life,oh god how i wished i could change it all.He licked up and down my breast’s and over my neck,sliding his finger inside me as i cried and wimperd in fear.He got up off me and stood up into the darkness,then suddenly i heard the sound of rustling clothes,as they fell to the floor with a soft thud.I could hear his heavu,needy breathing as he walked close to me and kneeled down beside me,wispering deadly words into my ears,only rising my fear to it’s exstent.He layed his stiff body agiants mine,i could feel him entering me,his muscles tensening up and he thrust into my body.Having nothing i could do,i screamed out into the dark night “No!! Daddy! stop! please!” at thoes last words and plunged the small Dagger he had been carrying,beforedeep into my chest,still fucking me as i bled all over our basement floor and over my fathers chest and body.Letting out one last helpless cry,i leaned my head back onto the cold concreat,as i felt my body give up it’s last breath,it’s last heartbeat.And still now,im cursed with this damn dream…everynight…of my souless ife….wich if only had have not made that one mistake,could be diffrent,could have been erased from any memory…just like…a piece of paper.

By ZombieGirl

Hi,your reading bout a really misunderstood child,named Emma..ya so..hope you enjoy some of my story things,take care of yourself's,bye