Parents who should be shot!!

hey guys its just me again. . . so anyways i always thought that your parents were put on this earth to comfort, calm, protect, and support you?!?!? and most parents do that i think but why do i have to have parents who beat the shit out of me everyday and fight all the time???!!!

While other people are telling their kids they are so proud of them for doing so well my mom is telling me i cant believe you do this shit its so stupid your such a bitch for making me come here and my dad who isnt even in the same state as i am.
when my dad came home all him and my mom did was fight not a time would go by that you didnt hear him yelling at her and she was crying. . . well then she started stickin up for her self and when they fought they would then take it out on us kids. . . hitting us and yelling stuff like that. I will never hit my kids!!! and i know everyone says that and then they end up doing it anyways but i never will i have been through it and no one should have to ever go through like i have my life has been at a downward spiral since the day i was born the drs say that i probably got my bad attitude from them because they fought the whole time before and after i was born. . .so i can thank my mom because i hate my life and everyone around she is yelling at me right now go figure shes such a bitch and she is one of the parents i think should be shot!!!!!!
nothing will ever be done about her being a bitch!! my brothers all moved out because they hated her and none of them come back either to see the remaing few because they dont want to see her. im going to do the same im moving to another state because i hate her soooooo much but i have to go or this would be a better thing but the bitch is calling so see ya round bye

By clipped_wings

i am a 17 year old female duh i like just about anything i like all types of music i dont know where i am going in life and i dont really care i have almost died a few times to many but oh well im still here and thats all that matters i guess most people get on my nerves and really piss me off but im usually a really cool person to know well thats what i have been told well if ya want to know more then e-mail me or something see ya round: ~Tara!~


  1. Hey, yeah…my mom hit me when I was younger, I’m 16 now…when she used to raise her hand, I would instinctively cover my face – – great way to grow up…in fear of your parents. I’ll spare the world another problem and just not have any of them. Parents are far from a blessing sometimes

  2. And by not having any of them, I meant Kids. Sorry for the double comment…I never proof before submitting

  3. lol its ok. . . . . well im 17 and i still have to worry about waking up in the morning wondering which parent is going to yell or beat the shit out of me first so i dont know my life sucks but what can u do

  4. well dont do this but my boyfriend had parents who beat him and he did drugs and took depression pills but one day he got feed up with it a shot himself if i were u i would move as far away as i could

  5. im sorry to hear that. . . my friends parents say they think i am very depressed and my friends say they think i am when i talk about my parents but since im only 17 i cant leave yet but when i do leave i dont think i will be coming back. . . why do you supposed parents are the way they are?

  6. It’s me again, I don’t know what options are open to you…but think about child services, that isn’t the best choice – however – anything is better than getting the shit kicked out of you everyday. that is no life to live

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