Passing Days

Another night of hell
Fall asleep,put under the spell
Then the door to my soul

Lets it all in
These nightmares are wearing me thin
The past is almost unbearable
When I think of all that has been
Tears come to my eyes
As much as Im trying to forget
It just keeps coming back,so much regret
I cannot escape

Another night of nightmares
Fall asleep,and your there
All of the pain and sorrow
Is there,all alone,to see
You made such an impact on me
Now you only show up in memories
I admit I loved you so,now your gone
I still read the letters you sent to me
A reminder of when I still had a chance
All that time seems now just like a passing glance
Please,let these nightmares stop

Amplified when I go to sleep
Then I wake,and it plays over again
Tears well up in my eyes,I cannot deal with this
But as much as I try to forget
And as much as I hide my regret
These nightmares do not go away
They say all the things I cannot bear to say
I cannot believe your gone
Its all hitting me now more than ever
Gone forever
The sadness grows more with the passing days
You were a beautiful dream to me
I just wish these nightmares would go away

Adam Keith McElwain

By Adam Keith

My name is Adam.