PAST… Pt.2

May 2000

Winifrith Mage groaned and rolled over. BEEP, BEEP, BEEP… It couldn’t be that early! The alarm clock sent sound waves straight into her brain, which was pulsing violently.

“Oh, god…” She muttered, thickly. Her tongue didn’t seem to be working right…

Forget EVER getting a fake I.D. again. She thought. I have to remember to smack Pyro talking me into it. Otherwise known as Jaren Rudi. Her best friend since the first grade and a self proclaimed pyromaniac. Basically, the jackass always getting them both into trouble.

Winnie’s room started to spin. Yeah, well, no more shots for me. It occured to her, that maybe being seventeen didn’t make her exactly as grown up as she thought… but then banished the thought. Winnie loved doing stupid shit.

Seventeen. Whispered a thought. It’s coming… Winnie shook her midnight head and lowered it to her hands. “Where the hell did that come from?” It had sounded like her voice, but more dark. Airy… It was like her, but not her.

As if that made any sense.

A tan hand beat around the white and gold vanity for the alarm clock, and hit something. The horrid beeping stopped, and she rolled over, starting to drift back into sleepy land.

“Good Morning!” Thud.Winnie rolled off her green comforter onto very hard ground. She was all tangled up in sheets, but still managed a sleepy glare across the room to her mother. “Wake up!”

Eve Mage preppy and blonde. Everything her daughter wasn’t… Winnie took after her father, a flawless dark complection and muddy, dark eyes. And she couldn’t act like her mother if her life depended on it.

Winnie crawled back onto her matress. “Whad’daya want?”

Eve, walked accross the room and yanked down a black sheet [replacing a blind ripped down long ago in a tantrum] allowing the garrish morning sunlight to flood into the room, blinding her. “You’re gonna be late! Get up, sleepy head!”

“Do you always have to be such a Hallmark card?” She muttered, hooking an arm over her eye.

Clonk, clonk, clonk. She heard her mother’s high heels coming, which wasn’t exactly a good sign. Winnie took a deep breath and felt the matress slide out from underneath her as she hit the ground again. This time, she got up on her knees and sighed.

“Alright… alright! I’ll get dressed.”

Eve’s pale pink lips curved into a smile and she thought a moment. “Good. You have about twenty minutes until the bus gets here… oh,” She put her hands on the hips of her sky blue pant suit, smiling even more. “And wear that cute little sweater Gramma gave you… it’s so you.”

Winnie nodded, and started to walk over to her mirror/dresser. She turned back, grinning. “A little privacy?”

Her mom left the room, and Winnie laughed. Yeah, I’m really gonna wear that hideous little thing! She loved Gramma dearly, but she was about seventy and had no idea that Winnie was a little older than six. Besides, it was pink.

So, instead of that, Winifrith wore a black tank embroidered with a red dragon, some tight flares and high combat boots. Winnie didn’t look like ‘Mommy’s little Girl’ anymore, and that made her smile. She picked up her ankh and smiled even more. Today felt good.

“Aha…” She mumbled, satisfied as the clasp latched and she looked into the mirror above her dresser. A mocha skinned girl winked at her. Winnie dimly realized she was looking in the mirror at a stranger. These past few weeks have been hell…

Shrug. Screw it. She was through with freaking out about things that made her feel better anyway. One more smile, and she gingerly stepped on the clutter that hid her floor. Winnie picked up an army green saddle bag, and started across the room for the door.

That’s when it happened.

A whisper sounded. Then more… from all corners of the room, like so many people trying to talk at the same time… trying to tell her something. But what?

Two words: It’s coming… No, not ‘It’, more like ‘He’

The sound was too much, it just got louder and louder. Winifrith put her hands to her ears, whirling around trying to see where they were. So many people…!

A violent wind blew threw the room, coming from no where… papers circled around and Winnie’s hair flew out of it’s silver clip leaving dark strand in her eyes.

Remember… save yourself… love… death… PAIN…

“STOP IT!” Her voice was drowned out. The pressure in her head mounted, building up to make her feel dizzy. Black dots danced in front of her eyes.

The voices were trying to get her to understand. Today…

“What?” She yelled, still trying to see. “What?!”

He’s ccccccccccooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnggggggggg….

It stopped. The eerie wind stopped, so did the voices. And the feeling some weird shit was going down stopped, too. Like someone had waved a hand.

Her hair hung limply on her neck, and she searched the room with wet eyes. “Oh, god…” She whispered, her lips trembling.

He’s here, and now you’ll know….


Smack! “You’re supposed to care! I could’ve been killed!”

“Killed? Killed?! You gotta be shittin’ me!” Jaren Rudi’s hazel eyes were wide and he was smiling. ” ‘Oh! There was a breeze in my room and the voices in my head got louder today! Oooooo! I’m so scared!'” Snort. “C’mon, Win! So you’ve gone a little psycho. Big deal. Atleast you’re not… you’re mom…” He stopped and looked like he was thinking. “Ow.”

Winnie grinned. “Slow reaction?!”

Jaren blinked. “Maybe?”

“You are such a…”

“Hottie?” Jaren flashes a brilliant smile and nods. “Oh, yes! I knew you’d realize it! And I know you want to touch my body, ‘cuz I’m down right sexy!” By then, Winnie was gagging as Pyro licked his finger and touched a nipple. Fat Bastard style.

“Shut Up!” With a look of disgust, Winnie got up and wiggled around a little. “I’m going to lunch. But you can stay her and pleasure yourself, if you want.”

He paused, index finger still in mouth. “Hew nah! I humgy.”

“Take your finger out of your mouth.”


They jogged up the sunlit walkway, towards the doors of their cafeteria. It was huge, and painted a pale shade of green, currently overflowing with people. The school was as such that it wasn’t noticed when two of the less normal students had come in. Compared to some, they were freaks… the tall willowy girl with dark hair and a glamour goth style… the boy who had grass green hair and strangely lit eyes. Well… maybe they got a few looks.

“What’s for lunch?” Winnie called over her shoulder.


She wrinkled her nose up at the aroma wafting towrards them. “What parts of it?”

There are so many cliques in the average highschool. The preps, consisting of cheerleaders, fashion queens, jocks basically the people everyone wanted to be. The bangers, made up of the freaks, goths…well, anyone who doesn’t fit the mold and revel in being outcasts. Too many to count. And Jet Fioul was watching them all. Looking for the group, the people who would guarantee him power.

They were different in every school, but he could conform. Jet became whoever they wanted him to and took over from the inside. There, as leader, he had his pick of parties, girls and fresh blood. Then, he got out, before they suspected a thing. All of this, without ever having his parents or the authorities find out. They moved, not ever asking a question.

I’m good. He thought, smirking to himself.

Jet had settled on a group. The models, the ones who looked like somone had cut them out of Vogue and brought them to life. Jet always attached to them, with short, spikey blond hair, light skin and the faintest marks of freckles across his nose. Not to mention he was built with ‘dreamy’ green eyes. Or… so he’d been told.

He was hot, and he knew it.

Hands in pockets, Jet strolled towards the tables. All he had to do was introduce himself, and he was in. Now don’t look directly over there, play it cool… aww, who gives a damn. The blond picked up his pace, and tried to look serious… which was more than a little hard seeing as how his freckles were the bane of his existence. They made him look about five years old, but gave him a much appreciated look of innocense which came in handy…

A few more feet…

“Shut up, Pyro!” And he ran into someone. A girl someone. A someone with long dark hair and slanted mocha eyes. A someone who now glared up at him from the ground.

“Hey… are you O.K.?” He said in a soft voice, like dead leaves falling. “I’m sorry I-”

The girl who, he suddenly realized looked like a gypsy, was a little less than forgiving. “Watch where you’re going, jack ass!”

So much for being nice. Jet thought and countered. “You bumped into me, beast!”

Blink. “Are you talking to me like that?” Something like disbelief flooded into her voice.

“Yes.” He said, letting an edge cut through his cool exterior. “I don’t enjoy being yelled at like a common dog.”

The gypsy girl blinked again. The lines of her face seemed to be distorting into a scowl… a scowl which dissolved into laughter. Childish giggles, even. “Oh… you really had me going!” Still on the floor, she gazed up at him through thick lashes. “Nobody talks like that, you weren’t serious… were you?” She waited for his answer.

Jet considered carefully. A friendship with this girl could very well disturb his whole plan. For all he knew, she could be the school slut… but something inside him whispered otherwise. Something said that she was special. He stuck his hand down. “Finally! Someone gets that joke. Here.”

Her tan hand inched towards his, and her chin jutted out jovially. “Well, the joke kinda sucked.”

“It did.” Jaren said, snidely.

“Too English. People are too stupid nowadays to-” CONTACT. Jet’s vision whirled and turned red… then gray. All he saw were her eyes. And all he felt was her. Not skin, not air. But, Winifrith Mage.

Funny how that happened, how he just knew her name. But he knew it, as if he had uttered it a thousand times. And Jet saw things. He saw Winnie, for who she was inside.

What is this?! A thought, hers. It wasn’t his mental voice.

I don’t want it-

“Hello? Am I the only living thing around here?!” A voice, cold and unwanted… but full of deadly concern.

Jet slowly realized where he was, and just what it must look like. They were just standing there, gazes locked holding one anothers hands. The girl, Winnie, was standing. It started to happen again, the pull, mystic and foriegn… but Winnie shook her head and pulled away, blinking rapidly.

They stood there, for a minute, speechless. Jet opened his eyes (he hadn’t realized they were closed) and looked past Winnie, into silvery brown eyes.

‘Wolf eyes.

The blonde teen suddenly decided that he didn’t want to stand here anymore, it was too risky… especialliy if the boy had realized what he was.

Electric dislike flashed between the two of them, and Winnie seemed to sense it, stiffening.

“Um…” She glanced from Jet to the boy. “O.K.” Turned to the boy. “We should get some of that crap before they run out, Jaren. I’m hungry.”

Jet made a note of that name.

“Yeah…” The boy said distantly. “Yeah.” He unclenched and turned to walk away. Winnie followed.

Just when Jet thought they would be gone, she turned back and smiled. “Well, maybe I’ll catch you later?”

He allowed himself to grin. “Count on it.” He watched her walk away, feeling relieved. Static had clogged the air when she was around, and now that it was gone, he could think. Mainly about how many of his people were in the school. I’ll make sure to look into it- He thought when a peculiar thought flew in out of nowhere…

“You’ll leave me.”

“Why would I do that?!”


It was like Jet was remembering something that happened before… a long time ago. The thought was a memory-

“Hey, are you Jet?”

The blonde blinked and refocused his eyes. In front of him stood a girl wearing the slinkiest clothes he had ever seen in his life. Her rich, red hair poured down her back and almost all of her legs were visible. With a predatory grin he nodded and said, “I think I’m gonna like this place.”

Jaren Rudi watched the vampire watch Winnie walk away. That’s what Jaren, upon seeing his eyes, had concluded. The boy’s green eyes seemed… possessive. And Jaren didn’t like it. He’d known Winnie a long time, Though she might’ve been spiteful, violent, pig-headed and just plain evil, she was still innocent.

The fire that burned inside her wouldn’t go out, she even used her evil for good, sometimes. Like badgering him to stop smoking before school. Now, he wasn’t a straight D student anymore! Jaren got C’s in P.E. Winnie just couldn’t help but to help the people she loved.

And he loved her back. He was like her younger brother, someone to yell at, someone to take care of. And, of course, he would never let anything (or anyone) hurt her while he was around. Which meant keeping her away from that Jet guy as much as possible.

Normally, he never had anything against vamps. He just didn’t like that fact that they were so goddamn arrogant. His ancestors had been graceful, beutiful predators. Not, as they boy had put it, ‘common dogs’.

There were actually a few Vamps in Glendale High. One or two lamia in the 9th, a few more in the 11th, and even a couple ‘wolves in the 12th. The town wasn’t exactly a supernatural breeding ground, and the people who lived there were generally very nice. Still, something in the depths of Jet’s eyes bothered him.

He had purposely turned his back on the guy, speaking to Winnie. “Remember! Only consume a little! Any more, and we might have a situation…”

Karma Bois woke up in a cold sweat. She knew she was awake, and yet the dream still danced in her mind.

A girl stood alone with crystal tears rolling down her rolling down her cheeks… but then they turned to blood and she fell into the arms of a boy. He had green eyes , and looked scared when shadows came to take them. A hand, seemingly formed of shadows, reached out for her and… and…

“Goddess!” she screamed, but knew that no-one would hear her. Her penthouse was a nice excursion, if you weren’t scared. And she was. Probably the most frightened she’d ever been in her nineteen years. Visions came when they where least expected, and often dragged Karma into primal fear. The kind that made her want to run and never look back.

Trying to ignore the overwhelming feeling of dread, she swung her feet off the bed and cringed. Her left foot hit something hard and plastic, the top to a CD. Her apartment was a mess, the lifestyle she lived didn’t lend much to house keeping, so she dug through trash for her cell.

Karma’s dark hand grasped it roughly, almost turning her knuckles white. She focused blue eyes on the alarm clocks red digits. 3:02 am. It’s late, but he HAS to be there. “Pick-up… pick-up!” She muttered, anxiously.

“Hello?” A sleepy voice drawled.

Karma let out a shaky breath. “Tristen! Thank the goddess!” Her heart was pounding into her ears. “Something is going to happen-”

“A vision?” The voice on the other line said sharply.

“Yes.” She stared at the chipped, blue paint on her wall, trying to make the sadness go away. Why was she crying? This wasn’t her.

Rustling noises, and the man spoke again in hurried whispers. “What happened? Who was in it?-”

His voice was drowned out by whispers. They told her things. Awful things. And she knew. It was useless, these feelings weren’t hers.

Something on the outside. Her eyes focused on the indigo sky beyond her window. Waiting. She cut him off. “It’s coming, Tristen. Soon. It would be here already, but It loves her too much to see her die so young and innocent- It wants her to be broken before he does it again- Oh god, I can feel It’s madness- It has done this a thousand times because they cannot stop themselves- So pure, so sweet, so rare, so wretched!” The words fell out of her mouth, not nearly fast enough, and Karma ended in a heart wrenching sob. All the hate… too much pain.

“What’s coming, Karma? What?!”

A single tear fell from her face. “The end.”